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Hello! How are you?

Thank you for your support and attention extended to our company, Young Shin Food Co., Ltd.

We, located at Seo-Myun, Seocheon-Gun, Chungnam, process seasoned laver using carefully selected raw material produced in Maryangpo coastal area where is the representative production area of the traditional laver and sell domestically and also export.

We, as who think of consumers with the mother’s mind caring her child, are a company committed to make out a healthy and affluent menu on the basis of the knowhow accumulated for over 30 years. As a recognized company that has been awarded with citations from the President, Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forestry and Minister of Maritime Affairs & Fisheries. we are a solid company that thinks of consumers like a family based on the quality and reliability.

All the executive and staff members of our company promise to do the best effort and research in order to be a company breathing with our consumers together. All the executives & staffs of Young Shin Food Co., Ltd